It is easy to have an idea, you have an idea, the person sitting next to you has one, the receptionist at work has one.

The challenge is not the lack of ideas, the challenge is the implementation of ideas.

Just having an idea is not enough.

Ideas have to go through a process, something a difficult one, for them to stand a chance of seeing the light of day.

The design thinking process is one such process and follows these five principles:

  1. Empathise – Learn about your audience, understand your customer pains and frustrations.
  2. Define – After understanding your customer pains and frustrations, construct a point of view based on their needs.
  3. Ideate – Brainstorm creative solutions based on your understanding and definition of their frustrations
  4. Prototype – Build something, come up with a prototype that will go towards solving their problems.
  5. Test – Test your ideas

Test your ideas, iterate, change, test again, iterate, change and on and on and on.

Go and get more feedback. Yes, negative and positive. It hurts, but it should not destroy you.

Structure your projects so that failure is not fatal.




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