Often we think that only kids have imaginary friends.

Our kids talk to these imaginary friends and these imaginary friends talk to them as well.

But adults have imaginary friends too.

One of the most powerful adults’s imaginary friend is money.

He is that friend who always wants to go out. He always wants to be entertained.

He wants to be seen.

He wants to go shopping,

As your imaginary friend, money always enjoys being out at fancy places.

He tells you that you must look good and therefore must go out shopping.

He tells you that it is not good to stay at home and read a book whiles other people having a good time.

This imaginary friend hates being indoors.

When you have him around, tells you to ignore those friends that tells you to budget and keep him locked in an investment account at a bank. He hates it when you have those types of friends.

He loves your friends who call you and tell you to go out and have fun spending conspicuously.

The thing with this imaginary friend is that he always convinces you to do something.

He gives you energy to do things that ordinarily you wouldn’t do.

He makes you believe that you don’t have to settle for this average relationship, he encourages you to seek better partners.

“Leave this person, you don’t need him, you have me, we will find another better relationship.” He would say.

He loves attention and wants to be seen.

He makes you buy things, that ordinarily you wouldn’t buy.

He makes you go to places that ordinarily you wouldn’t go.

As adults, we think we don’t have imaginary friends, but we do, and money is our very influential imaginary friend.

As an imaginary friend, He likes to coerce and manipulate you, make you do and say things because he is around.

When he is not around, we behave very differently to when he is around.

Just like any friend, either we manage him or he manages us.

Maturity is when you manage your imaginary friend, when you are not bothered to entertain him when he is around.

Next time you do something, ask yourself, is your imaginary friend influencing you to do it?

Do you suffer from peer-pressure?

Does your imaginary friend manage and control you or do you manage and control him?

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