Humble yourself.

Takes notes.

Ask questions.

Work hard.

Have your heart in the right place.

Be more hungry.

Be inspired.

Stay focused.

Remain teachable.

Do work that matters for caring people.

Give it your best shot.

There is so much power in humility, I wish many people realised it.

You will go so far in life, if you humble yourself.

You will achieve ever so many things, if you humble yourself.

I have recently experienced and witnessed very hard working entrepreneurs, achieve great success by being truly humbled.

I congratulated one of them who just won first prize and her response is:

“Thank you so much, now I can create jobs, and change lives.”

This is recognising that the starring, the hero of the show is not you, but the customer, the people you are helping, the community, the team.

This is about the lives you are changing.

This is realising that you are a conduit, a means to an end, not an end by itself.

This is having a heart in the right place, this is humility, this is being magnanimous in victory, it is realising that this is bigger than you, this is doing this entrepreneurship thing for the right reasons, not for fame, glamour, power, bragging for respect or wealth.

This is what entrepreneurship should be about, impact, humility, changing lives.

The biggest challenge after success is shutting up about it.

You want to succeed? Humble yourself. Work hard, stay humble.

PS: Well done Candy, Prof Nikolova, Marianne, Ansie, Cobus, Kgosi, Seretla, Boitumelo, Ntaoleng, and Mzo.




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