Colorful  Solidarity Design Tree

A fundraiser asks for advice about how to get more access to people and institutions who give money to her NGO.

Our conversation goes the direction where I suggest that maybe she should not see her work as a series of transactions, but about building real relationships, about making connection, about building a network that you value and feed, that you give to first rather than ask for things.

Fundraising is about caring for a cause you are raising funds for, but it should also be about caring for the people or organizations you are raising funds from.

So our conversation runs long.

She takes lots of notes, nods a lot, seems excited.

And then you never hear from her again.

PS: There has to be a better way to fundraise than the smash and grab approach where you get what you want and then you are gone, the next time I will see you again is when you want funds from me for your NGO and there after you are gone again.


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