Entrepreneurs tends to be inward looking because they always think about their ideas, solutions, products, and business.

Guess what?

Customers are inward-looking too.

Customers don’t care about your business, your idea or solution.

Customers care about themselves, about their challenges and pains.

Customers are not interested in your solution, unless if it solves their pain.

What’s important to them is their pain not your ideas.

Is this solving my problem?

Is this making my life easier?

Is this connecting me to people that matters in my life?

Is this affordable to me?

Does it make me look cool, powerful and in control?

It is about them, their needs, desires, image, fears, hopes and dreams

Here is the thing: As an entrepreneur, when you care about them, you get business.

If you don’t care about them, they also don’t care about your ideas.

Structure your business in such a way that you are able to know what pains your customers.

Define what they struggle with.

It starts with them.

The hero of the show is the customer, not entrepreneur.

If you don’t care about your customer, your competitor will.

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