I meet a number of young vibrant and energetic entrepreneurs who want my opinion on their ideas. So we excitedly talk about their ideas.

And I then ask, “sounds very interesting, so what problem are you solving?”

And the discussion gets stuck.

Ideas or innovations often have to solve a certain problem.

The more significant the problem, the more significant the idea.

Adequately defining the problem is crucial because if you incorrectly define the problem, your solution will in most likelihood be incorrect.

It is important to define a problem based on the information or observations you assessed based on your empathy.

Defining a problem using the lance of your customers ensures that you are able to accurately solve their pains.

Understanding your customers’s pain is the difference between solving their problem or creating another problem later.

Define the problem you are solving, before you talk about your idea or solution.

What problem is your idea, innovation, book, seminar, or conference solving?

Solving problems begins with understanding them.

If you can’t define the problem adequately, your solution is likely to be miss.

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