I recently came across a website about bacteria and probiotics.

Our approach to dealing with bacteria has evolved from trying to eliminate them to working with probiotics or good bacteria.

We have learnt that attempts to eliminate/disinfect bacteria are not helpful in the long run, they will always exist. So, it is in our interest to make sure we have more good bacteria than bad.

So we made peace with the existence of bacteria, instead we changed our approach towards them.

This is interesting because problems work pretty much the same way.

It is natural to pin hope on upcoming changes, a new relationship, a new hire, a new job, or a new place, as the solution to all our problems.

But, we never eliminate problems [not necessarily a bad thing]. And, any hopes of doing so results in inevitable disappointment.

Does this mean:

We must be content with poverty? No, it means that as we solve poverty, there will be other issues that comes with prosperity

We must stay in abusive or growth-less relationships? No, it means as we solve stale relationships, new challenges will come with growing relationships.

As technology connects us across the borders, it disconnects us in our relationships with those around us.

We can’t completely eliminate all our problems [our bacteria]. Instead, every change we make involves trading off one set of problems for another.

Thus, a better approach to hope for is similar to the probiotic approach, the hope would be to spend more and more of our time solving problems that we consider:

a] Worthwhile and

b] Fun.

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