When you paint a picture, perhaps no one will walk by, see your creation, and gaze upon it in awe.

Perhaps no one will tell you that it is beautiful, that they see the painstaking detail you took in bringing paint to canvas, that you should keep painting.

When you play a song, perhaps not a soul will stop to listen, or perhaps they will listen as they would listen to elevator music.

Perhaps they will hear it, but not hear it.

When you write a poem, perhaps people will not read it, and perhaps those who do read it will not get it.

Because people seek validation, we hide our art, poems, songs because we are afraid we will be rejected.

How many paintings are locked inside the artist, for fear of what happens (or what does not happen) after they are channeled through the fingers and brushes?

How many songs remain unsung and inside, for fear of being received by no audience?

How many poems are unwritten, for fear of being misunderstood?

When you keep a low profile and focus on your art, when you write that poem and that song, you will attract a niche group of people, what Seth Godin calls a tribe.

When you do your art not because you want to be popular, but because you care, you will attract people who care.

Even if no one reads my blog, I will continue to write.

Don’t do it for fame, don’t seek validation, don’t look for permission.

You are already famous to your family and circle of friends, your talent is validated by God and you have permission [not that you needed it in the first place].

Do what you love, without seeking validation.

You are not your likes, retweets, followerships or shares.

Actually you are more than that.

Start, do your best, you will find your way on the way.

Let your smile change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.

PS: Yes get feedback, get critical and constructive feedback, work hard to improve, but don’t wait to be validated before you start, start and then get feedback from people you trust.

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