The past day I took a long distance drive of about 6 hours.

Most of the drive was an open road highway, until you get to and major towns.

On the open road, people drive at their own speed, on cruise, relaxed and just enjoy the ride.

For me the open road helps me to think, about where I have been and where I’m going. It is about the beautiful views, the tranquility, the fresh air, the music.

Drivers don’t excessively speed up on the open road. In fact, it seemed as though they slow down and enjoy the ride, the sight seeing etc. Except for one or two speed freaks.

It is when you get to or pass a major town where there are more cars on road and then suddenly drivers want to speed up and pass others as if they are in competition.

When you get to the robots [we call traffic lights robots in South Africa], people speed off when it turn green, as if we are at the Grand Prix.

People are comfortable with the competitive nature of passing [I may not be fast, but I’m faster than you], and are petrified of the open road and the act of choosing own speed.

We do the same thing with social media.

You are okay, relaxed, calm and comfortable in on your lane, away from social media.

It is when you log in, you start to be competitive, you want to be seen doing something amazing, wearing something amazing, being somewhere amazing with amazing people.

Of course, we do the same thing with our careers or our businesses.

We build our careers and businesses one step at a time in our own lane, when we get to be with others at work or business seminars we leave our lane and want go faster than everyone.

Unfortunately, most people need competition to tell us how fast to go.

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