Who, among these three styles [Givers, Takers, or, Matchers] is happiest and who is the least successful?

It turns out that the most successful are Givers, and who is the least successful? Also Givers.

How is that possible?

Givers who learn to successfully navigate a world with Matchers and Takers fare very well.

Everyone loves them, trusts them, and supports them when they are in need.

So why are Givers also the least successful?

Givers who don’t draw the line, others end up taking advantage of them.

If you are a Giver, you have probably been there at least once, professionally or personally.

Imagine a relationship between a Giver and a Taker.

It may end with the Giver completely worn out, having perhaps spent their savings, time, and energy on someone who keeps demanding more.

The Taker also hardly ever provides for a partner’s needs, unless they do so temporarily because it behooves them at that moment.

So what makes a successful Giver?

One tip that Adam Grant gives that stood out to me is the idea of becoming a “Giver with awareness.”

Awareness of what? I’m glad you asked.

Basically, awareness that the world has Givers, Matchers, and Takers, and that if you watch people’s words and actions, you will know who’s who.

When you navigate relationships, or partnerships, investigate which category your potential business partner belongs to and don’t get blown away by first impressions.

True joy in life comes from giving without a guarantee of receiving anything in return. 

It’s like unconditional love.

Just set the limits.

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