“I don’t like that guy,” she said.

“Why not,” I wondered…

It turns out that she had done some business with him years ago and it hadn’t gone well.

When pressed, though, she could not actually recall what the problem had been, or how much financial or project damage had been done.

All she remembered was that she did not like him.

That is the way it usually is.

You read those letters to the complaint columns in the paper or online, and the actual facts are often pretty trivial.

Recently in South Africa, customers have taken to billboards to complain about poor customer service they received from various service providers. A customer paid for a billboard complaining about Cell C (Cellphone provider), another customer did the same against FNB (First National Bank).

Patrons at restaurants complain about racist behaviour from the manager.

Years after these complaints, these customers will not remember the finer details of what caused their bitterness, but they will remember how they felt.

What we remember is not the financial hit, we remember the injustice, the disrespect, the way we felt at the time.

Your accountant might care about the facts. You, the entrepreneur, need to care about the conversations and the memories.

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