“For millions of years, humankind has used a brilliantly successful survival strategy. If we like something, we chase after more of it: more status, more food, more info, more stuff. Then we chase again. It’s how we survived famine, disease and disaster to colonise the world. But now, thanks to technology, we’ve suddenly got more of everything that we can ever use, enjoy or afford. That doesn’t stop us from striving though and it’s making us sick, tired, overweight, angry and in debt. It burns up our personal ecologies and the planet’s ecology too. We urgently need to develop a sense of ‘enough’. Our culture keeps telling us that we don’t yet have all we need to be happy, but in fact, we need to nurture a new skill – the ability to bask in the bounties all around us.” – John Naish, Enough

So let’s reflect on this for a minute.

What if we tried to break the shackles, at least for a time?

What if we said “thanks but no thanks” more often?

How about we meditate on enough or being present or slowing down more often?

How about we embrace the Joy of Missing Out?

We could lock away our phones at certain times of the day.

Turn off the TV.

Read more.

Delete our favourite social media app for a week *gulp*

Take a walk outside and look around, I mean really look around and take in our surroundings.

Spend time listening to our partners, friends and children so that they feel they are the only person in the world we’re thinking about.

Block out time in our calendars specifically for downtime.

Start a hobby or side project just with no intended goal other than simple enjoyment.

Let our creativity and productivity flourish.

Breath. Often.

The joy of missing out [JOMO] is greater than the fear of missing out [FOMO], because you are not actually missing anything.

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