You should see who is here [online, at the office, wedding, church or mall] this morning:

The Khumalos are here, and the Dlaminis, and the Kgapola family is here, and little Mpho is here, and little Marry is here, and little Marry-Sue is here, and sister Suicide is here, and little Ms Depression is here too, and little Mr Fearful, and little Mr Tired-To-Be-Married is here, and Brother I-Want-To-Get-Out-Of-School is here, and there is Sister I-Quit, there is Brother I-Think-Im-Gay, there is Sister I’m-Confused, and

Everybody is here, but you can’t see them because we hide who we really are and we show people what we think they can handle.

And then we go home and take off the musk and become who we really are.

The reason you are lonely, even when we are in a crowd is because having people around you does not create intimacy because all you do is work, showing them who you would like to be, rather than showing them who you really are.

What will stop you from being lonely is intimacy, being real, authentic.

Intimacy means into-me-see.

It is when you are intimate, authentic and real that you are free, until then, you will have a twin and when you do, one of us is in trouble.

I’m not talking about the one you are showing us now, the well manicured, good looking, suited-up, all got-it-together you, that one you want us to see.

I’m referring to the real you, the one you are hiding.

Because behind most “I am okay” there is a hidden “I need you.”

I hope and pray that this long rant will help the one inside you, the one people don’t see, that one who struggles to sleep in the middle of the night, to take the musk off, to be free, to forgive yourself, and keep trying.

Please believe again.

Believe in the real you.

The real you that you have ignored and neglected.

The real you that needs healing.

The real you that you have been running away from for so long.

Believe again.

Believe more in the inner you, the hidden you, the real you.

I’m not talking about the corporate guru you, not the best speaker or writer you, not the church-going, bible carrying you, not the PR-ed you. You see, the PR-ed you is okay, is doing fine, is la-li-da.

I’m talking about the real you.

Consider taking a break from building this personal brand. Personal brand is the outer you, the PR you, the you you are projecting to the world.

You are not a brand, you are not your job-title, you are not the company you work for or started, you are not your connections with high people, you are a human being, a brother, sisters, father, child.

You are a human being with flaws and scars that needs healing, not hiding.

Your true brand and personality is not the outer you but the inner you, is not the person you project to the world but the person you hide from the world.

Believe more in the inner you than the one you are projecting to us.









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