In his last TED Talk, Elon Musk says:

“You look at great civilizations like Ancient Egypt, and they were able to make the pyramids, and they forgot how to do that. And then the Romans, they built these incredible aqueducts. They forgot how to do it.”

Why is it that certain nations, or people achieve such amazing things [pyramids, aqueducts] but then nothing equivalent to that happens thereafter?

Is it because we have gotten comfortable with our accomplishments that we forgot to dream more.

Sometimes the advantage of achieving great success may lead to hubris and lack of desire to dream more.

It is important to always reassess your hunger levels after each progress you make in life.

Always push the bar higher and higher as you reach certain levels of progress. Never settle.

Failure to do that may lead to settling down and not having the hunger to pursue more progress, why should you dream more, in your books you have achieved mos.

Maybe it explains why the Egyptians after such amazing achievement of building pyramids, they according to Elon Musk, “have forgotten how to do that.”

Progress does not happen automatically happen. It happens when people continue to dream and do more.

Advantages that accrue as a result of the progress we make should be celebrated as stepping stones, not as destinations.


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