We often look at having less [scarcity] as a disadvantage and having more [abundance] as an advantage.

Therefore we all want to have more. More money, more opportunities, more stuff, more popularity, more followers, more clothes, more.

But the problem with having more, for instance, having more money, often stifles our thinking.

When a person has more money, they tend to get into a comfort zone. They are no longer hungry.

Why should I work hard to milk a cow, if I can simply go shopping to buy milk? I have money.

Our resourcefulness dies because we want to pay for everything, or we want someone else to pay for us.

We see this with children who grow up from abundance, they tend to be entitled, they are used to having a house assistant doing everything for them and therefore they can’t even do the basic house chores.

Countries that provide their people with everything, often breeds a culture of dependency and entitlement.

When people grow up getting things for free or things done for them, they become adults who are unable to do things for themselves when no one gives support or things.

Because the mind has not been trained to think during scarcity, when the source of abundance dries up, the person becomes handicapped to think.

This handicaps their ability to be resourcesful.

People who grew up under adverse and difficult conditions, often work harder. They are resilient to pain, they are able to persevere under difficult conditions until they get a breakthrough.

The Chinese are known to be a hardworking nation because they came from very poor backgrounds.

It is no miracle that China has managed to pull its people out of extreme poverty. A disadvantage that led to an advantage.

What looks like an advantage, often turns out to be a disadvantage.

What looks like a disadvantage, often turns out to be an advantage in the long run.

I’m by no means trying to glorify scarcity, but it is important to guard against what we think are advantages because they may lead to disadvantages.

It is important to work hard to overcome adversity, but it is equally important to continue to work hard even when in a privileged position.

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