Tom Waits says, as a songwriter, he makes ‘jewelry for the inside of people’s minds.’ 

So that is what all artists do, those in creative spaces: mental jewelry-making.

You are not a heart surgeon. Your bad piece of art is not going to kill a person.

You are not in charge of the lives of twenty men working underground in a mine.

You are not performing roadside amputations in a war zone.

You are not even driving a school bus.

You are just making art.

Your mistake, your bad art, your less amazing art is not going to the end of you or someone else.

So just go make a pretty thing.

Or make a clunky thing, or a tiny thing, or a big thing, or an ugly thing, or an experimental and wild thing.

Does not matter. Enjoy the making. Let it go.

This line of thinking brings me great peace.

Gets me out of my own way.

The problem is that you can’t have good ideas unless you’re willing to generate a lot of bad ones.

When you put your ideas in the world, then, and only then, do you know if they are real.

If no one responds to your piece of art, like when no one like or retweets your post, retweet again tomorrow, make another piece of art tomorrow, and another one, the day after and so on and so forth.

A photographer doesn’t take one picture, she takes multiple pictures and then selects the best ones.

You don’t launch a popular blog, or great art work, or amazing photography collection, you build one, over time, drip by drip, you show up, each day, every day.

Ps: Your art can inspire a person to do something, it can save a person who is suicidal, it can ignite a soul, art shapes how society thinks, it invokes emotions, strong emotions. But you have to create it first, get over the bad creative piece and experiment yourself to the amazing artworks.

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