Does writer’s block or creatives’s block exist or it is a myth?

What we call writer’s block or creatives’s block is actually a symptom of something else.

I don’t believe that it is a stand-alone psychological disorder.

Creatives’s block is a symptom, usually, of some other actual psychological challenge [depression, anxiety, narcissism, alcoholism, extreme competitiveness, fear, etc].

Often people don’t stop their art because they have hit a block, they stop because they struggle from a  psychological challenge.

I’m stuck because I don’t have this amazing idea, amazing concept, amazing paint, amazing visual and as a result I’m not going to create anything because I don’t want to be a flop.

I will wait until I have this amazing comes, until I’m inspired to create.

Often it takes months for amazing to come, and sometimes when she does come along, you can’t even recognize her.

How to fight this block?

Two ways:

You combat your  psychological challenges head on. You meditate, talk to a spiritual person, talk to a professional etc.

You show up, on your desk, each day, ever day, face your writing instrument and you write.

You show up, in front of your blank canvas, each day and you paint, sketch, draw, scalp etc.

The point is to get into creating mode, the point is not to create amazing art, that comes later, for now, just create, amazing will find you on the way.

Do your part, show up.

Let the record show that you did your part, and leave amazing to do the rest.


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