It takes humility to confront a situation and say “I’m sorry, it was faulty, I will work on it.”

This is something you hardly hear being said today.

We often don’t understand that laying down our “right to be right” or rather our inability to admit we are wrong, is where we lose important people in our lives.

There is danger in pride. Pride lends itself to viewing ourselves as greater than we ought to.

When exercising our pride with those close to us, it damages our relationships with them.

As a result distance starts to form. Bitterness may take root. Yet, in our pride, we are always right no matter the cost.

When dealing with people often the need to be right is overrated.

Saying ‘I’m sorry’ requires humility, but if you can say it and mean it, it works wonders.

Between humility and good manners on one side and a calculating, legalistic approach on the other side, saying “sorry” often wins the day.



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