While still in Kenya, let’s look at another example in Nairobi

In Kenya, 80% of Kenyan doctors and dentists live in Nairobi while 70% of the population lives in rural areas. Kenya’s ratio of doctor to population is 14 doctors to every 100,000 people. This results in a serious lack of access to doctors in Kenya.

Healthstore Clinics aims to provide affordable healthcare to communities in Kenya by training local residents to provide basic health care, and help them set-up and operate their own clinics.

This model turns residents [often nurses and health practitioners] into clinic owners.

Strict standards and regular inspections by the Healthstore foundation ensure uniform quality heath care. Healthstore clinics are funded through microloans at affordable rates.

Is the Healthstore Clinic model catalytic innovation? let’s test it:

  1. Creating social change: Healthstore Clinic provides access to quality health care to people in rural areas.
  2. Scalable and replicable: the Healthstore Clinic model is a franchise concept and therefore highly scalable
  3. Meet un-served needs: Population in rural that cannot access health care. 70% of the population in rural areas struggle to access quality health care facilities.
  4. Offer products that are simpler and less costs: Combined Healthstore clinics are able to buy in bulk and access bulk discounts for the patients. Patients therefore benefit from these bulks discounts by paying less for medication.
  5. Generate resources: The Healthstore franchisees are able to raise funding from micro-loan facilities in Kenya.
  6. Disparaged or looked down upon: Often health facilities in rural and shanty areas are looked down upon.

Healthstore Clinics have democratized access to quality affordable health care in rural areas to people who could not access it before.

This is how social impact is achieved at a financially sustainable manner.

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