Let’s start by looking at an example of catalytic innovation here at home, South Africa.

People walking into a well-resourced health centre in a township and getting immediate help is very rare in poorer areas of South Africa like Diepsloot, a shantytown of about 1000 000 people 40 kilometres outside Johannesburg.

Dr. Nthabiseng Legoete did something about it.

Dr Legoete started Quali Health in May 2016.

Quali Health is a social enterprise focused on delivering affordable primary healthcare to marginalized communities in South Africa.

Within 5 months Quali Health was turning a profit and now sees over 3,000 patients a month.

How is Quali-Health a catalytic innovation?

  1. Creating social change: Quali-Health provides quality health care that is critical to poor communities.
  2. Scalable and Replicable: Quali-Health opened similar clinics in other areas such as Alexandra, Tembisa and Braamfischer giving access to quality private health care to more people who can’t afford quality health care.
  3. Meet un-served needs: 80% of South Africans don’t have medical aid. Quali Health serves this market.
  4. Offer products that are simpler and less costs: Circumcision or a pap smear test, costs only R250 [$25]. General practitioners in Johannesburg charge R500 $50 just for consultation alone.
  5. Generate resources: Has attracted funding from various funders.

Nthabiseng has been able to democratize quality primary health care to thousands of people who could not afford it before.

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