Every time we are supposed to do something that matters, we always hold back and tell ourselves:

It’s too soon.

I need more proof.

Someone else should go first.

The market is not ready.

Johannes Gutenberg launched the printing press when 94% of people in Europe were illiterate.

He should waited until everyone knew how to read.

There were no bookstores, He should have waited until there was Exclusive Books.

When Karl Benz introduced the car to Germany, it was against the law to drive a car, He needed a permission letter from the king to use his new device.

There were no roads, there were no petrol stations, there were not drive-throughs.

No one knew how to drive a car.

The fellas who are busy with self-drive cars, they are doing it even when there were no laws for self-drive cars.

They didn’t wait for the self-drive cars to get driver’s license.

When Lucas Moloi decided to do an online radio station in South Africa, he didn’t say no one listens to radio online here, he did it, and then CliffCentral did it, and then TouchHD did it, and others.

Today people listen to radio online all the time.

It’s always too soon, and that’s okay.

Change almost never fails because it is too early. It almost always fails because it is too late.

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