Great entrepreneurs create an environment that makes it almost impossible for a potential customer to not talk to you.

People buy the story, and they get the product for free.

What is the story you give to people to spread the word about you?

Communities, tribes, followers whatever you want to call them, need to feel like they belong to something, that is for them.

And to flip that on it’s head, people need to feel like if they are not part of the community, then they are missing out.

We have created FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out] Because people inherently want to be in sync with people like them.

One of the things people want in life is the need to belong.

To belong to a family group, church group, soccer team supporters branch, women’s group, men’s group, vote for a particular political party, belong to a specific community of thinkers, of doers, of like-minded.

That’s why we have Facebook group pages, WhatsApp groups, all-white parties, monthly stockvels, etc so that we be part of the group.

We want to belong and we want to belong to a group that tells a story that resonates with us.

Why is it thousands of people have Harley Davidson tattoos, and nobody has a Suzuki tattoo?

They have bought the Harley story more than the Suzuki story.

People like us, do things like this.

People like us, buy soccer jerseys for a team because we are “peace-loving.”

People like us, wear all-white and go have a party.

People like us, attend conferences of ideas worth spreading.

People like us, go to universities like this.

People like us are fighter for economic freedom in our lifetime.

People like us, do things like this.

Could you say that for your own business?

What is the story of your business?

2 thoughts on “Tell a story

  1. Great Article. Everyone has a story. But what happens when you don’t have a story as incredible as the next. Your a guy employed 9-5 you decide to venture into entrepreneurship and solve a problem the would potentially transform our local economy.

    But your story doesnt seem to be as great.

    What then?

    1. Hi Vusi, I know what you mean because I used to struggle with the same question you are raising. I believe that everyone has a story. We all have those things we struggled with and somehow overcame. Like we all have different finger prints, we all have different stories. Coming up with your story and packaging it is something that we need to work hard at, it’s not something that happens easily.

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