Every time I use the Gautrain, I would look around at the faces of the people seated near me.

Very few seemed happy.

They were staring at their cellphones with frowns on their faces or looking out of the window with glazed expressions of longing.

They look like the sparkle in their eyes has gone out.

They look like somewhere along the way they had lost sight of their passion.

Yesterday I met a friend I went to university with, as we were catching, he spoke about the business he started 10 years ago.

He spoke about how things went horribly wrong in his business, about how he was so down and out at some point.

But he persevered and now the business is going strong and he is even supplying foreign markets as well.

What stood out after we parted ways is his energy, the sparkle in his eyes is still there, he laughs out loud, he is still excited about what he is doing, he loves it and I could tell.

It is not that he is energetic because business is doing well, I have known him from university days and he was always energetic then as he is energetic now.

I know it is easier said than done, but protecting our sparkle matters.

Don’t let the hunger in you for life, for love, for joy, for enterprising, for caring, for doing work that matters die.


Kids have sparkles in their eyes.

Then life happens and the sparkle wane like a cigarette in the rain.

Those who grow up to love life, who do work that matters, manage to keep the sparkle in their eyers lit throughout the trial and tribulations of their journeys.

Keep the spark lit, protect it, let it shine through out your life. 

It is worth it.

You are worth it.

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