I remember something someone said years ago.

I remember the exact words as if they were said to me yesterday.

Words are powerful.

Words can inspire and words can destroy.

Words gives courage: “An ideal for which I am prepared to die.”

Words reminds: *”Izwe lethu”

Words focuses: “The whole world is watching.”

Words encourages: “And still I rise.”

Words change status-quo: “Yes we can…”

Words inspire: “I have a dream…”

Words identify: “I’m an African…”

Words unifies: “There’s only one race…”

Words unite: “Give peace a chance.”

Words mobilise: “We the people…”

Words affirm: *”Amandla…”

Talk is cheap but words keep getting more expensive..

Words are the currency of action.

Words matter.

They may reflect reality, but they also have the power to change reality, the power to uplift or to abase.

Words can open doors, light a way and make a difference.

* Our land

* Power

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