In the Industrial Revolution, it used to be that media houses were only owned by big agencies, doing all the marketing work for other big companies.

In the connection economy of the 4th Industrial Revolution together, everyone owns a media company, through social media.

Marketing is no longer merely the work of giant organizations with giant budgets.

People, particularly small businesses, can be marketers too.

In era where everyone has a media company, the narrative is that the one who screams the most, grabs the attention.

Today, we are all surrounded by a screaming multitudes, an open-outcry marketplace of ideas where the race to be heard appears to be the only race that matters.

And so subtlety flies out the window, along with a desire to engage for the long haul.

Just a troop of gorillas, all arguing over the last remaining banana.

It turns out that there is a useful response… to ignore them.

To stick to the work, to the smallest possible audience, to building something worth talking about.

What actually works in a noisy environment is not more noise, it is the challenging work of earning the benefit of people telling people.

We don’t need more hustle. We need more care and generosity.

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