The person you are is directly related to the five people you spend the most time with and your role models.

Examine your friends and role models.

If they are not in line with who you want to be, then something needs to change.

The same goes for the books you read, the TV shows you want, the social media accounts you watch and the Apps you download on your phone.

One App that you should download if you aspire to be an entrepreneur is BizChamp App.

The App comes as a result of many years of business coaching; mentoring that Junto group [through Dr Lucas Moloi] has been involved in, the ongoing research in technology and innovation.

The research was taken to investigate what were the things that made it difficult and sometimes impossible for entrepreneurs to grow their ventures in South Africa even with so many development agencies by government or ED programmes by corporate.

For an individual that has an idea, someone trying to do things professionally or formally, even the one looking to run a sustainable business efficiently the biggest challenge has always been resources, time and information.

So we have pulled together the resources from all over to ensure that the entrepreneurs has more time on their hands but also the resources are hand picked by an experienced team of business coaches that understand the real needs of entrepreneurs.

We focused on bringing together resources that every entrepreneur would need in achieving these goals and putting them on the palm of his/her hand leaving him enough time to focus on what he/she does best.

The App has resources such as:

  • Top Business Blogs to follow
  • Book a Coach
  • Advice Room
  • Business Documents
  • Business News

Change means avoiding negative relationships.

Change means asking friends and family to embrace change with you.

Change means breaking out of your comfort zone.

Change means finding new, empowering relationships and role models

It’s not easy, but it is rewarding.

The BizChamp is one App that will bring the necessary resources to help you improve your businesses skills.

To access the App and download the App go to: bizchamp.co.za





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