So here is the thing about showers, hot water and cold water.

If you want a hot shower, you will need to turn on the hot water a bit before you step inside.

It can take a while for the hot water to rise up and clear the cold water from the pipes.

So usually the cold water come out first for a few minutes before the hot water comes out.

The thing is, if you mistakenly turn the cold water tap instead of the hot water tap, it will never get hot.

No matter how long you wait.

Sometimes, it takes us too long to realise that we should not wait any longer and might consider checking if we turned on the wrong tap.

In life, nothing good comes from impatiently jumping from one approach to another, one grand scheme replaced by another.

But persistently sticking with a plan that goes nowhere is almost as bad.

Persistently sticking with a plan, the hot water eventually comes out.

The art of making a difference begins with thinking hard about when it is time to move on and change the taps and when to wait for the hot water of your project to come out.

The struggle is real, but there are dead ends everywhere.

Sometimes, the world is telling us it’s time to leap and change the taps and sometimes it says wait a bit longer for the hot water to come out.

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