But elections are everyday.

Every day, people vote.

They vote for brands, for habits, for the people they trust.

They vote for restaurants to chill, countries to holiday at, places to stay at.

They vote for where they will place their attention, their money and their time.

The big difference is that you can do just fine in today’s election without winning a majority of votes.

Most elections you vote at are not winner-take-all.

Your business is a voting station, not everyone will vote [buy] your products, but not everyone will reject your product.

The people at the edges, the special interest groups and the weird ones matter a lot when you don’t need a landslide to make a difference.

The magic is this:

As soon as you stop acting like you need every single vote, you can earn the votes of the people you seek to serve.

Today is election day, and tomorrow, and next month and year.

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