Not many people know this about themselves, but just like you have a personal thumbprint, you also have a unique energetic imprint, soul-print, that quietly influences the scenarios, people, outcomes and ‘coincidences’ that are drawn into your reality.

Throughout most of your life, have you noticed your career and finances following a similar pattern?

Do you notice that no matter where you are in life, you often attract the same kind of people, friends and companion?

Do you find yourself consistently at the receiving end of good fortune and serendipity or [hopefully not!] bad luck?

Your soul print is your spiritual signature.

When you pick up a pen…turn a door knob, shake a hand, touch someone’s face, you leave behind an imprint of yourself.

Even after you let go, a part of you remains.

The people and places touched by your soul are imprinted with your mark, with your essence.

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