Feel free to let me know…

… if I can help you with anything.

… if you would like for me to prove myself on the job.

… if I could help with welcoming guests at your event.

… if I can maybe get an internship at your company.

… if you ever need a babysitter.

… if you would like me to do that for you.

… if you would be willing to come down on price or have more favorable terms.

The world is looking for people who are problem solvers, position creators, artists who make great art no matter the naysayers.

The world is looking for you to rise up and say: “Let me know.”

It is time to stop sitting back passively awaiting a magic email or phone call.

No “random position” is going to pop up, and if it does, it won’t be reserved for the “feel free” crowd.

“Feel free to let me know what you can do to solve my problem.”

Answer that statement and you will have people knocking down your door, begging to work with you.

Stop putting the ball in the other person’s court.

Take responsibility for yourself.

No one is going to let you know if they need your services.

No one is going to remember to call you to ask you to prove yourself.

You take the first step, and announce to people to “feel free to let you know if they will need your assistance.”

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