“Change creates incompetence…change creates an environment where you are not an expert.” – Seth Godin

Had an interesting conversation for a colleague today about the fake interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.

I believe that all professionals get incompetent during their careers.

A professional is someone who navigates between competence and incompetence over short time frames.

Accountants, lawyers, doctors, etc at some point get incompetent after qualifying.

Continuous education means you continuously learn new things, which means at some point in your life as a professional, you become incompetent.

Learning requires admitting gaps in current skills and knowledge [gaps called incompetence and ignorance] and filling those gaps.

But it is not easy.

Learning and growing [and in the end success] necessitates becoming comfortable with incompetence.

Whether you are studying for the Board exam, learning a second language, parenting, going to night school, pivoting to another career, or starting a business, incompetence must be met head on.

You won’t know much, be good at much, or see much success at first. It is normal and to be expected.

It is okay to be an incompetent professional at first, it should be encouraged.

All success is wrapped in layers of incompetence. Peel back the layers by learning, persisting, and growing.

Everything you want is underneath.

I dare you.

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