When you invest your time in, the quality tends to increase.

If you are intent on building a quality business, you have to invest time, lots of time in building it.

Often I hear people say “don’t work hard, work smart.” as if both are mutually exclusive.

I believe that those who work hard and smart at the same time, will beat those who work smart only. 

But more than time, put in quality time doing the right things, consistently over time.

More quality time in, better quality out.

More quality time studying, more chances of passing

More quality time in a relationship, more chances of lasting

More quality time in your startup, more chances of its sustainability.

If you’re going to invest a valuable asset [like time], go ahead and make it productive.

Use a postit or two, or some index cards or a highlighter.

Not to write down stuff so you can forget it later, but to create marching orders.

It is simple, if three weeks go by and you have not taken action on what you have written down, you wasted your time.

Don’t look for shortcuts, instead take the long road, do the ground hard work and you will get there.

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