In the information age, where data and information is readily available in large quantities, trust becomes more critical.

Fake news are increasingly becoming more common.

Twitter accounts by robots is increasingly becoming more common.

Fake social media accounts is becoming common.

Scams have become more common.

Meeting people online portraying to be something that they are not is becoming more common.

When building a startup, customers want to know if you are authentic, not fake.

Establishing trust with customers is going to be the new currency.

Rebuilding trust after it has been torn is really quiet difficult, because our expectations were shown to be false.

Real trust [even in our modern culture] does not always come from divulging or being more transparent, but it comes from the actions that people take before our eyes.

Just like the saying goes “don’t strive to look rich, work to be rich,” the same can be said of trust and transparency:

Don’t strive to look trustworthy and transparent, be trustworthy and transparent.

Real trust comes from people who show up before they have to, who help us when they think no one is watching.

We trust people on the hints they give us in their vocal tones, in the stands they take on irrelevant points of views and yes, on what others think.

Mostly, people like us trust people like us.

You don’t necessarily need to be transparent, but be trusted you need to act trustworthy.

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