One of the rare things that happens to people today is that they hardly get bored.

In the information age, people are surrounded by information 24/7 and are connected to other human beings than ever before.

We have smartphones, tablets, laptops, internet, social media, pay-TV, series TV, Reality TV that keeps us hooked all the time.

We have wifi almost everywhere, at least in major cities.

With all these, it is difficult to be bored.

Anyway slight opportunity to get bored, you pull out your favourite gadget and surf away.

When was the last time you remember being bored? Or even having a moment free from distractions?

I know it sounds strange, but I welcome boredom. It forces me to ponder.

To make sure we are on the same page, when I speak of boredom, I’m not referring to killing time on your smartphone, your iPad, or your laptop.

I’m not even talking about paging through a magazine.

I mean bored as in doing absolutely nothing.

I have observed that it is when I go for a walk in the morning that I’m able to think clearer.

When I go for a walk, I leave my phone in the house. Without my phone, I don’t have distractions, my mind has no choice but to think things through.

Some people prefer “sleeping on an issue” before making a decision the following day. When you are sleeping, you have no choice but to think, your mind stands a chance of processing issues uninterrupted.

Here is the rub, when we are at our most bored we are forced to push our creative boundaries, and unearth the root of whatever problem we are working on.

A quick glance around and you will notice that it is almost impossible to be bored in our 21st-century environment.

The last time you were alone at a restaurant waiting for a friend to join you. Chances are you reached for your phone and did something with it, anything to avoid appearing like the lonely loser in the corner.

Boredom, however, is becoming an endangered activity.

Little boredom in your day opens up the potential for more creative thinking.

Truly amazing ideas and offbeat solutions have often come from endless hours of daydreaming.

In the industrial revolution, people who had boredom proneness might have slowed down work because creativity was not as important as it is today.

The next time you find yourself bored at work, go ahead and let your mind wander.

You should embrace this state of boredom because feelings and emotions highly affect the things you think about.

If you find yourself without any great ideas, try boring yourself even more by answering emails or doodling.


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