Being able to distinguish between what is vital in your business and what is trivial is a critical skill for successful entrepreneurs to have.

The tricky thing is that it is not a skill you can just sit down and learn.

It is forged in the fires of trial and error.

You learn this one by trying and trying again.

Mentorship and collaboration can help close this feedback loop a bit tighter.

What is vital to growing your business? And what’s trivial?


  • Doing what you say you will do.
  • Hitting your deadlines.
  • Responding to your clients’ communications in the form they desire, if they use email, reply. If they call you, answer (call them back).
  • Cultivating relationships with clients and partners who fit your company and your growth strategy.
  • Laughing with your team and having moments of enjoyment each day.
  • Thanking the people in your life who are there for you and help you (investors, partners, employees, managers, family members).


  • Checking the status of your FB post and seeing how many likes you got.
  • Checking your email every 30 minutes.
  • Cold calling people who are not your ideal customer.
  • Talking about how hard it is to grow your business. Stop your whining!
  • Staying current on all of your favorite TV series.
  • Responding immediately to all those WhatsApps and SMS pings on your phone.

Focus on the vital.

Ban, reschedule, and delete the trivial.

Your success depends on this.

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