CaringHeart_-01 copy

Caring is not cheap.

To care for someone may actually cost you, time, money, resources, emotions etc.

But in the long run, caring pays for itself.

We care because caring is part of being a human.

Create a culture where peers inspire peers, in which each employee acts like a leader, pushing the culture forward.

When you free your employees to act like people [as opposed to cogs in a profit-maximizing efficient machine] then the caring cannot help but happen.

People like us do things like this. People like us, care.

Creating the culture of caring is also far and away the most difficult to create. Culture is a posture that lasts.

It is corroded by shortcuts and by inattention, and fed by constant investment and care.

Big company or small, it does not matter.

There are government agencies and tiny non-profits that have a culture of care and service. And then there are the rest…

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