post 100

This is the 100th StartUp Tip.

What started as something I thought I will do for 5 days, has now culminated in 100 startup tips and thoughts.

I write and edit every word myself, and always have. This is me, unvarnished.

Showing up daily is not my challenge, it is learning to live with the fact that I cannot say everything I want in a single post, that the trade-off of reaching people easily is that you can also lose people easily.

It is a journey, for both of us, and I am thrilled to be taking it with you.

For me, the privilege is sharing what I notice, without the pressure of having to nail it every time… I treasure the ability to say, “this might not work.”

Building a business is a journey, a journey harder than writing StartUp Tips everyday.

You need to have comrades riding with you on this journey, it makes the heavy load lighter.

Building a business is like fellowship of the ring in Lord of the Ring.

Success is a team sport.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t do it alone, they are part of team.

You have to be team player and leader, but you work in a team.

Thank you to entrepreneurs I mentor that I have learned from and have helped shape these StartUp Tips.

Thank you for letting me write this tips for you, and thank you for being along for the ride.


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