Start a business that cares.

A business that cares for it’s customers, team, suppliers, the environment.

Caring is free.

Build a business that standing out by caring.

Build a business that is human, because being human is the only way to win.

A business that will be missed when it is gone.

Will you be missed when you are done?

Will they miss you when you are gone?

The problem with fitting in and being a cog in the machine is that cogs are intentionally designed to be easily replaceable.

When one breaks, you just get another. No one particularly misses the old one.

Build a business that matters, a business that connects to the soul of its customers, a business that will be missed when it’s gone.

I haven’t been inside a bank in nearly as long. Why would I? The ATM is closer, faster and easier.

I haven’t read the classified adverts in the paper in five years either.

None of these three activities were ever particularly emotionally heartwarming. And now that they’re gone, I don’t miss them.

So, here is the question: When you are gone, will they miss what you do?

It is not too late to change the answer.

Ps: This article is in loving memory of Omolemo OJ Molokomme, who passed on a few days ago. You will be missed.

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