Humans tends to look for people who will say yes to us more often.

Yes men and women makes you feel like we are on the right track.

These are people who idolizes you, and take everything you say as gospel truth.

It makes you feel good.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to choose teammates that always say yes to us.

We hire them, because they will do everything we tell them to do, they won’t argue.

Yes people make our lives “easy.”

Conventional wisdom says we need to stay away from nay-sayers, people who say it can’t be done.

There is a difference between surrounding yourself with nay-sayers and people who are not afraid to say no or “no, it’s not good enough,” or “no, you are on the wrong track.” or “no, you are getting to comfortable,” or “no, we can do better.”

But often we need that person who will tell us when we get off track.

Very few entrepreneurs have all the answers to all the questions.

Very few entrepreneurs succeed.

If you want to succeed, you need a team of highly engaged workers who feel empowered to ask questions, challenge your leadership in a respectful manner, and take ownership in the success of the company.

Dissent does not change the fact that you are the boss. Dissent simply leads to better decisions. 

Better decisions leads to success.

Find people that can say “no” to you.

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