In A Geography of Time, Robert Levine points out that most people work on “clock” time:

“It’s five o’ clock, I will see you tomorrow.

While successful people work on “event” time: “My work is done when it’s done.”

Event time people rest when they are tired, not when it’s resting time.

Event time people eat when they are hungry, not when it’s lunch time.

The most productive people work on event time.

They don’t stop until their work is done.

Dr. Reuel Khoza says his father always believed that you need to earn your break, not take a break because it’s break time.

Clock time is important to ensure that events starts and ends on time, that we are able to get work-life balance and that we invest time in other things.

Event time ensures that we complete tasks, work hard to finish projects and reach goals.

It is wise to strike a balance between clock and event time.



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