The following are some of my 20 tips on how to live that I feel will be helpful when you feel like giving up:

  1. Appreciate happiness when it is there;
  2. Sip, don’t gulp;
  3. Be gentle with yourself. Work less. Sleep more.
  4. There is absolutely nothing in the past that you can change. That’s basic physics;
  5. Kurt Vonnegut was right: ‘Reading and writing are the most nourishing forms of meditation anyone has so far found;’
  6. Listen more than you talk;
  7. Be aware that you are breathing;
  8. Hate is a pointless emotion to have inside you;
  9. Go for a run or walk. Then do some yoga;
  10. Look in the sky. Remind yourself of the cosmos. Seek vastness at every opportunity, in order to see the smallness of your issues;
  11. Be kind;
  12. Do no watch TV aimlessly. Do not go on social media aimlessly. Unchecked distractions will lead you to distraction;
  13. Sit down. Lie down. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. Be still. Do nothing. Observe. Listen to your mind. Let it do what it does without judging it;
  14. No drug in the universe will make you feel better, at the deepest level, than being kind to other people;
  15. You don’t need the world to understand you. It’s fine. Some people will never really understand things they haven’t experienced. Some will. Be grateful.
  16. Pray;
  17. Less complaining, more encouraging;
  18. Help others;
  19. There is nothing weird about you. You are just a human, and everything you do and feel is a natural thing, because we are natural animals;
  20. Read Emily Dickinson, Ben Okri, Susan Cain, Bessie Head, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Read Maya Angelou. Read anything you want. Just read. Books are possibilities. They are escape routes. They give options when you have none. Each one can be a home for an uprooted mind;


21. Be brave. Be strong. Breathe, and keep going. You will thank yourself later.



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