Entrepreneurship is about creating change in the market.

You can’t change everything or everyone, but you can change the people who matter

You don’t have a chance to make mass change, but you can make focused change.

Focus your efforts in bringing change to the specific, not general, those who care about your offerings, not the masses.

What a blessing.

Instead of yelling at the masses, you have no choice but to choose your audience.

Perhaps not even with an ad, but with a letter, or a website or with a product that speaks for itself.

And yet, our temptation is to put on a show for everyone, to dream of bestseller lists and the big PR win.

You “ideal” customer is not simply a person who has cash and is willing to spend it with you.

The most important question is, “who do we want to change?”

Who is your customer:

What does he already believe?

What is he afraid of?

What does he think he wants?

What does he actually want?

What stories have resonated with him in the past?

Who does he follow and emulate and look up to?

If you can’t answer these questions specifically, do not proceed to marketing your business.

Everyone is your customer. – Seth Godin

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