It is extremely difficult to find smart people willing to start useful projects.

Smart people are ego driven, they are not willing to start a project that will fail, because they equate failure with personal failure.

Doers are courageous. The need to do something outweighs personal ego. Doers are willing to get their hands dirty, something that smart people are not willing to do.

The fact that it does not work every time should give you confidence, because it means you are doing something that frightens others.

There are smart people who are driven by starting something that matters even if they expose themselves to failure.

Dr. Nthabiseng Legoete is one such smart person. After visiting India, where she saw people with no medical insurance using private care at a hospital in Bangalore, Nthabiseng started Quali Health.


Dr Legoete’s unique primary healthcare model helps to reduce medical bills and to cut down on queues. Based broadly on the Indian healthcare approach, and aimed at under-serviced areas, the model relies on technology to provide a paperless system that delivers an efficient, convenient service.

Nthabiseng’s self-funded, Dieplsloot-based facility is already attracting the attentions of local and foreign investors interested in taking the service countrywide.

Quali Health is driven by the need to make healthcare affordable, convenient and making sure it is of an acceptable quality.

Doers start. They put their product or service out there to the market. They expose themselves and their work to the market and they say “here, I made this, what do you think?”

Starting means you are going to finish. If you don’t deliver it, you have failed.

You have not poked the box if the box does not realise it’s been poked.

To merely start without finishing is just boasting, or stalling, or a waste of time.

I have no patience at all for people who believe they are doing their best work but are hiding it from the market, talking about this idea or that project they want to start.

If you don’t deliver it, you actually have not started anything at all.

At some point, your work has to intersect with the market.

At some point, you need feedback as to whether or not it worked. Otherwise, it is merely a hobby.

Nthabiseng could have easily said:

“I’m a doctor, a professional who can get a job anywhere in the world, I don’t need the risk of being an entrepreneur and the risk of humiliating myself it fails.”

She could have kept it safe, but instead she saw an opportunity and started Quali Health nevertheless.

Doers start.


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