If an employee in business walked out with a brand-new laptop every day, you would have him arrested, or at least fired.

If your bookkeeper was embezzling money every month, you would do the same thing.


…When an employee demoralises the entire team by undermining a project, or when a team member checks out and does not pull his weight, or when a bully causes future stars to resign from your business,  too often, we shrug and point out that this person has technical skills, is well-connected or is not so bad.

Often we are willing to excuse bad behavior of an employee, or speaker because that speaker is popular and therefore we don’t want to fire him from our conference or upset him.

But they are stealing from us.

They steal the positive energy reserved for work that matters.

Soft skills are as important as technical skills. 

Much as we are ready and willing to fire someone who is incompetent technically, we must also be wiling to fire people who lack soft skills.

PS: Friends who lack soft skills are also stealing from you. They are what Kali Ilunga in his TEDxGaborone 2015 talks calls “Sunsetters.” You need “Sunrisers” around you.

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