The most important skills you need to become successful?

It is not really about how well you can code or how many languages you know, but about the soft skills.

When judging your friends or family, or defining traits you admire in other people, you rarely think about their technical capabilities.

Instead, you focus on the way they think, what they see, how they carry themselves, their intuition and how they care about other people.

So, why would you judge a potential employee by a different standard?

It is soft skills that determines success of a company.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, every time.

People lose clients, contracts. friends and relationships due to lack of soft skills, not because they are technically incompetent.

It is soft skills that brings change, build relationships and collaborations.

It is soft skills that keeps lasting relationships.

It is soft skills that resolves disagreements and conflicts.

It is hard skills starts wars, it soft skills that finds common ground, compromises and peace.

Hard skills says you wronged me and I want to be compensated otherwise I pull out or I revenge.

It is soft skills that says, we have a problem, let’s find a solution that keeps the relationship.

It is hard skills that throws bath water and the baby, it is soft skills that keeps the baby.

It is soft skills that says we tried everything and it didn’t work, let us try something else, no hard feelings.

It is soft skills that says let us try again tomorrow.

Maybe soft skills are not so soft actually.

It is our temptation is to gravitate towards hard skills because they are easy to measure, you can keep score of getting an A in Maths, or B in Science.

How do measure empathy, caring, love, trust and patience?

Just because you can measure something, does not mean it is important. 

And just because you cannot measure it, does not mean it is less important.

While hard skills [computer skills, literacy or accounting skills] are measurable and easier to place on a CV. It is not easy to put soft skills on a CV much the same way you put hard skills.

Know your stuff, absolutely, do your work with excellence, sure. But also have a heart to care, to do work that matters, and to matter to others.

It is important to bring your full self to work, not just your fingers for typing or your knowledge with Microsoft Excel. 

Bring your heart and soul into it as well.

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