The ghosts of desperation, lust, and envy hide in the shadow of our yearning: be it money, material possessions, or accodales, we are haunted by our aspirations.

Yearn to get that shiny new car, that next big promotion, that beautiful man or woman, and you will feel unspeakable pain until it, he, or she is yours.

The thing is when you desire is met, your flame is not extinguished, instead you are filled with new desires, the more you get your material things, the more you want, it’s a never ending cycle.

When you happiness is based on achieve material things, your happiness will always be short-lived.

The key, is to aspire toward something worthwhile.

There is nothing wrong with owning things you enjoy, but your material possessions alone will not bring you bliss.

We don’t need to purchase new stuff to make ourselves happy.

You don’t need logos to be something.

Happiness is a byproduct of a meaningful life.

Instead of Jonesing for things, maybe we must pursue those which are without definite milestones:



Doing work that matters



These qualities are self-fulling:

Seek growth, and you will grow

Endeavor to give to others and you will contribute

Do work that matters, and you will always matter.

Love others and your cup will overflow.

Search for happiness not through things, but through life itself.

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