One of the hardest lessons is to know what to learn and what to ignore.

There are certain things you definitely must learn, others you must unlearn and and others re-learn.

One of the biggest and toughest things to learn it not to take things personally.

A speaker at a TEDx conference says something that upsets you

“Do not take it personally.”

“Why are you taking offense?”

What are you going to do with offense once you have taken it?

This is tough advice. Am I supposed to take it like a chair? [with no feelings] Sometimes it seems as though the only way to take it is personally.

That customer who does not like your product (your best work) or that running buddy who does not want to run with you any longer, or that speaker who made you take offense with his talk.

Here is the thing: it is never personal.

It is never about you.

How could it be? That person does not truly know you, understand what you want or hear the voices in your head. All they know is themselves.

When someone moves on, when she walks away or even badmouths you or your work, it is not personal about you. It is personal about her. Her agenda, her decisions, her story.

Do your work, the best way you know how. Is there any other option?

Ps: People are paying way less attention to you than you think. You worry they are judging you. They are counting how many likes they got on Instagram.

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