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  1.  I have been having flu for the past two weeks which resulted in an infection, which means every morning I wake up with a headache. [I’m much better now]
  2. The manuscript for my next book is on hold for now.
  3. My personal project is not moving because I have been having a lot on my plate, I had to halt it for a while.
  4. I had to fire a service provider because they were just a pain to deal with.
  5. A speaker sent me a nasty email complaining about how we are marketing his brand [prima-donna tendencies].
  6. I ignore friends and people I care about because I don’t have the mental energy to keep up with everyone. In fact, I have 14 unopened personal Facebook messages–and the thought of going through them all exhausts me.
  7. I am 20 pounds heavier than I should be because there are too many days that I can’t pull myself away from my work.
  8. I get anxious when I don’t feel like I’m doing enough, or trying hard enough, or something’s gone wrong, and I unconsciously pick at my fingers obsessively–to the point where people have to hold my hands down.
  9. I get so obsessive with work that I sometimes forget to eat and as a result I have been losing weight unaware, [it might be good give #8 above]
  10. I’m so overloaded with things I want to do and very little time to do them.

You know why I just told you all of that?

I’m tired of people always trying to always be prim and proper through filters.

There are too many filters.

Sure. Filters make us look good.

Filters make you sound good. [Nice Facebook post you re-wrote 14 times]

Filters make us seem good.

It is easier to curate your life online than to work on it in real life.

But filters are ruining us.

Because they are filtering out reality.

And when you filter out reality, you know what you get?

One big lie.

Followed by hollowness.

So today is a no filter day, because guess what? We are human beings, and the only way we are going to stay human, is by getting human.

I don’t want to hear about how great you are.

Or how much money you have made. How “well-connected” you are. Or from what continent you are snapping a picture of yourself on some beach.

I want to know what is going on behind the smiles.

If you just saw any of our Facebook feeds, you would think we all had perfect lives.

And we all know it is not true.

We are filtering so much in our lives, it is difficult to ask for help when you need it because you have created an impression that you have got it all together.

It is only by removing the filter that we can actually say something meaningful, and  move the conversation forward.

It is about getting raw.

And sharing what our actual experience is like on this planet, not just where we succeed, but where we fail.

And how we change because of it.


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