Business is people, and when we focus on taking care of the feeling of life and the humanity in the people in the enterprise, business will take care of itself.

When business serves life, business also serves community, it serves art, it serves nature and our common life together.

When we grow the ‘enterprise of humanity’, it is possible that our work will generate results greater than anything we could have imagined.

The fact that humanity has to clarify any lives matter, should be concern enough.

I think ten years from now, all good jobs by any measure will be jobs where you have to be human.

Human not only as in not being a robot, or a human being, but being humane, being able to connect to your clients, having the empathy to do work that matters.

I think ten years from now, all successful organisations will be staffed by a large number of people who are more humane than just human.

I think ten years from now, any job where the person has to follow systems and procedures, do as they are told, ask no questions, will be replaced by robots.

Robots will take your job. Yes you with the university degree. For real.

Robots follow instructions far much better than humans. Plus Robots don’t go on strike, Robots don’t take sick leave, Robots don’t ask for overtime pay.

If it can be put on a manual, a robot can do it.

In a world where artificial intelligence and robotics are the next frontier in business, this means that the majority of jobs will be done by robots.

Being human is the only only option we are going to be left with to be competitive in business. 

Today you can get away with “I’m just following instructions” or “I’m just doing my job” as an excuse not to be humane.

But the future is about how willing are you to be real, to connect, to matter, to be vulnerable, to be missed when you are gone.

Being human is the only way to win. 



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