It is a temptation that exists for everyone, for talk and hype to replace action.

The empty text box: “What’s on your mind” Facebook asks.

“Compose a new tweet,” Twitter beckons.

Tumblr, LinkedIn, our inbox, our iPhones, the comment section on the bottom of the article you just read.

Blank spaces, begging to be filled in with thoughts, with photos, with stories, with more talk.

With what we are going to do, with what things should or could be like, what we hope will happen.

Technology, asking you, soliciting talk.

Almost universally, the kind of performance we put on social media is positive.

It is more: “Let me tell you how well things are going in my life. Look how great I am.”

It is rarely the truth: “I am scared, I am struggling or I don’t know.”

Many people think that if they just talk long enough about their dreams, that they will come true.

Going through the motions of blabbing about our goals is much different that putting that first foot forward and stepping towards our goals.

At the beginning of any path, we are excited and nervous. So we seek to comfort ourselves externally instead of inwardly. We seek to get as much public credit and attention as we can. That side is called ego.

We don’t keep silent.

We seem to think that silence is a sign of weakness. That being ignored is tantamount to death [and for the ego, this is true.]

So we talk, talk and though our life depends on it.

In actuality, silence of strength, particularly early on in any journey.

Anyone can talk about himself or herself. Most people are decent at hype, marketing and sales.

So what is scarce and rare? Silence.

What is scarce and rare is the ability to deliberately keep yourself out of the conversation and subsist without its validation.

Silence is the respite of the confident and strong.

Talk depletes us. Talking and doing fight for the same resources.

Talking makes us think that we are making progress closer to achieving the goal. Even though we haven’t even taken the first step.

People who are doing work that really matters, rarely talk about their work because they are busy doing it, busy mattering.

They work quietly in the corner. They turn their inner turmoil into a product, and eventually to stillness.

They ignore the impulse to seek recognition before they act.

They do not talk much.

They do not mind the feeling that others, out there in public are enjoying the limelight, and are somehow getting the better end of the deal, and they are not.

They are too busy working to do anything else.

When they do talk, it is earned.

The only relationship between work and talk is that one kills the other.

Hard work is an attractive quality.

There are talkers and there are doers, you just need to work out which one are you.

Let the others slap each other on the back while you are back in the lab, or gym, or library, or room, or in the streets, quietly working.

Plug that hole, that one, right in the middle of your face [underneath your eyes and nose], that can drain you of your vital life force.

Watch what happens. Watch how much better you get.





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